This innovative technique involves adding hair extensions on to your hair in small half inch to one inch sections that are interceded in between each section. Tape-ons are easy to remove, affordable, and the most affordable option for those who want that red-carpet hairstyle, but are on a budget.

Micro-Links / Micro-Ring / I-Tip / Micro Beads

This popular method which involves small beads, clamps unto your natural hair. We thread your natural hair trough a unique ring, and with pliers we clamp the ring tightly to the natural hair.This method is perfect for those who want to enhance their hair by adding volume, without causing any damage.

Hot/Cold Fusion/Keratin Bond/Ultrasonic

This trendy method lasts up to 6 months and are a simple way to achieve natural looking, long hair on any hair type. The process involves using non-damaging Keratin glue, sectioning hair into pieces and gluing the extensions into the small sections of hair. This is the most versatile..[Read More]

Hand Tied Wefts

This is an one-of-a-kind method, sewing each weft onto a track of silicone beads. Our application technique and process ensures the integrity of your client’s hair. Its customizable design creates a naturally flawless look with incredible flexibility.